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New Orleans Yoga Center

We offer a community of "like-minded" people who are intent on making the world a better place by living more consciously and responsibly through the practice of mindfulness and self awareness as guided by the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga. 

We offer a safe and sacred haven, free from judgement, for students to come and let their defenses down, so they can be nurtured, restored, and renewed. We learn, laugh, cry, listen, chant, play, explore, stretch, bend, fold, surrender while holding  a space for you ~ to be just as you are. 

Our students come to us in all ages, conditions, professions, expertise and backgrounds. We enjoy learning from one another as we embrace our yoga journey. We  share in challenges, delight in achievements and encourage through struggles, as we all grow individually and together. 

We offer programs, classes, workshops and retreats in Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Sacred Walks, Art Techniques, Art Exploration, Crafts, Music, Performing Arts, Poetry and Creativity. 

NOLA Yoga Center  • 4436 Toulouse St. #21 • NOLA 70119  
Office # 504-910-7445
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